The mission of JK Enterprises is to promote responsible drinking in our society today.

JK Enterprises prides itself in producing the finest and richest Indian-made Foreign Liquor (IMFL). And today, they have their own unique blends of matured malts that has found unimaginable success amongst its consumers.

With the mission to produce quality drinks; not only in India but around the world, all their drinks are made from the finest chosen grains from across India.

The main aim of their product is to add more happiness to happy occasions.

From whiskey to rum to vodka, they produce everything, under the names London Pride and London Reserve.

Currently, they have different bottle sizes that one can buy according to their requirements.

Their aim is to promote a better drinking experience while doing good for the environment. They are a part of the green initiative which includes promoting responsible drinking and saving water. As water is one of the chief ingredients in making alcohol, their production unit is set up in such a way there is zero wastage of water!

They have a bottling unit installed in Pithampur which consists of 4 semi-automatic and 1 fully automatic bottling line. The capacity of this unit is 200,000 cases per month. Theirs is one of the cleanest alcohol manufacturing and bottling plants and you can see the videos on their social media profiles.

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