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Grandeur by Kajri – Your One-Stop For Unique and Contemporary Jewellery

Grandeur by Kajri is becoming the place to get unique and chic jewelry designs that are perfect for all modern women!

Grandeur is a french word meaning grand which is what the owner Kajri Nagori aspires all her designs to be, something magnificent and brilliant which attracts the attention of everyone looking at it.

Kajri Nagori started Grandeur by Kajri last year after she was constantly praised for the jewellery she usually wore. She was constantly asked questions like where she got it? who designed it? The answer to both questions was that she designed these pieces herself! This gave her the idea of wanting to bring such contemporary and statement designs to Indore.

Even though, she was a B.Com graduate, her calling was something else! She already loved jewelry, and it seemed that everybody loved her Jewelry. With that in mind, she started Grandeur by Kajri to give people the latest style of jewellery that they can wear anytime they wanted. She started this venture with her sister-in-law who already has an established jewellery shop by the name of Goel Jewellers, based in Delhi. They have 2 stores there and Grandeur by Kajri is an addition to this family business.

here are many Jewelry stores in Indore, but what sets her apart is her fashionable take on gold and diamond Jewelry, and people have been loving it! Since the start and even now, her designs are being loved and her business has grown a lot in this past year!

Her designs are chic and evergreen which are made by trained professionals with precise placement. These are designs that one can wear to any occasion! Be it a college function or to wear daily to the office or to adorn on a special event, Grandeur by Kajri has everything you need and more!

Currently, Grandeur by Kajri deals in silver, gold, and diamond jewellery like rings, necklaces, earrings, sets, bracelets. From gold jhumkis to silver anklets to diamond necklaces, whatever you love, Grandeur by Kajri has it.

If you wish to see more of their gorgeous designs, you can check their Instagram page, its handle is grandeur_bykajri. Give them a follow too if you are a jewellery lover.

The Foodie Indori – Food is my love !! says Jithin Nair!

JITHIN NAIR has completed the Diploma in aviation from frankfinn institute for cabin crew. Also completed graduation BSC in computer science! Now preparing for the interviews for the cabin crew.

“thefoodieindori – Food is my love !!” says Jithin Nair!

“I just love to explore new stuff and wanted to explore all over the world !!

Or else u can say Part-Time Food Blogger !”

Food Blogging is not difficult but needs passion and dedication and also the intelligence of using the right adjective for the dish and Jithin Nair is successful in doing that. the passion for exploring new dishes and new places made him a food blogger and when asked what made him open a new account and start blogging!?

His Reply ” That moment when my friends are blocking me from their account because I used to post food pics in my personal account so everyone got mad because of me! “This might be a little embarrassing but he took this in a positive way and started his new account and also starting reviewing the dishes on Zomato App and now is on Level 7.

Who is Bhuvan Mohini?

Born and brought up in Pratapgarh, Rajasthan, Dr. Bhuvan Mohini is one of the most celebrated women poetesses in India. She was born in a Brahmin family to Purshottam Bhatt and Meera Bhaat on 5th July. She finished her schooling at Pratapgarh High School and went to Mohanlal Sukhadia University in Udaipur for her Ph.D.

Her poetry is found to be more relatable and inspirational in nature delving into the romantic genre. Dr. Bhuvan expresses the passionate feelings of lovers beautifully and intensely. Her recitation lets the listener feel these emotions and get lost in them completely.

In 2018, she performed in a Kavi Sammelan held at IIT Varanasi and her poetry was loved by the audience there! She also took part in ‘Kavi Yudh’, a program on Zee News where she performed alongside many named poets!

Her powerful and attractive style of presentation is one of the things that binds the audience to her who can’t help but be hypnotized by her melodious voice. She evokes the feeling of love and passion and romance within her audience who can’t seem to get enough of her.

Her Social Media Accounts Bhuvan Mohini, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube

London Pride Whisky, Madhya Pradesh

Founded by Harminder Singh Bhatia, JK Enterprises (JKE) has become one of the biggest names in the liquor trade. For three decades, the company has been producing the finest and richest Indian-Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) when they decided to try their hands on malt drinks which proved to be a huge success!

Their mission has been to produce quality drinks to add to everyone’s good times; not only in India but also across the globe. While alcohol has always been available in our country, JKE resolved to serve people in their good times with the most superior quality products.

They emphasize promoting responsible drinking. All of their drinks are made with the finest grains from across India. Today, the company stands tall with an extraordinary assortment that includes- Breweries, Distillers, Caretakership, and the retail business of IMFL.

The company has started two brands of Indian Made Foreign Liquor, London Pride and London Reserve. Each has a different product line of Whisky, Rum, and Vodka. The brand promises to serve the best to all connoisseurs of alcohol.

Water is another of the key ingredients for their beverages and they believe in the mission of saving water. Their production unit is made such as there is no wastage of water. They are doing their part in keeping our planet healthy and water.

They offer an extensive range of beverage alcohol products in varying pack sizes to meet the market requirements. Their bottling unit is at Pithampur which consists of 4 semi-automatic and 1 fully automatic bottling line. The capacity of their bottling unit is 2,00,000 cases per month.

To know more about them, you can visit their website You can also follow their social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram under the handle name JKAlcohol and on twitter as AlcoholJK.

Pushp Tea Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Since its inception in 1980, Pushp Tea became a household name in Indore and other cities of Madhya Pradesh by providing various blends of tea and coffee. Started by Mr. Arun Jain who has tea-tasting experience of many years under his name, Pushp Tea has gained immense credibility amidst its customers over the decades. His son Mr. Romil Jain followed his father’s footsteps and expanded the family business, and the new concept of customized tea was brought into focus. This made Pushp one of the most favored brands in the state.

Pushp has great taste, quality, and customization as its pillars and has been providing a wide variety of tea and coffee blends to its customers. With over 150 dealerships in Madhya Pradesh, their booming business makes sure to keep the quality and flavors of its products intact.

Amongst the plethora of products that Pushp offers, some of the most prominent ones are tea leaves, black tea, green tea, chocolate tea, green coffee, green coffee beans, and green coffee bean powder. For all those customers who are looking for some extra flavors in their tea, Pushp provides over 30 customized blends of tea based on the preference of their customers.

Providing tea with 10% stronger leaves at affordable prices makes Pushp Tea the leading brand in the economy segment. The best thing about Pushp Tea is its flexibility of products; they offer everything, from packaged tea to loose tea, tea boxes or tea bags and flavored tea, etc. Works on the dealership model and is mainly providing services in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

On the topic of whether the Pushp will expand to other states of the country, Mr. Romil Jain said that when the tea is manufactured in bulk it becomes extremely difficult to maintain a certain level of quality and taste that Pushp is known for, hence they try to maintain their standards through limited production, prioritizing quality above everything.

In the era where everyone wants to build their own business, there are visionaries like Mr. Romil Jain who believes that if you have the option of expanding your family business, you should never pass up an opportunity to do so. “The experience of your predecessors would give you space to take the already established brand to new heights with your vision and modern approach. Always remember, no work is big or small.”

Pushp Tea has become a common name among households due to its economic prices and variety. They also offer blends specific for Cafés and restaurants, a different one for corporate purposes, etc, which varies in taste, smell, and color. The aroma of Pushp tea leaves is undoubtedly unique to each tea lover, making it loved and preferred by the masses.

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