Understanding NFT- Here’s why Bollywood actors are creating their own


NFT & Bollywood Actors

NFT stands for Non-fungible Token, which basically means it’s a one-of-a-kind token that can’t be substituted with anything else.

A bitcoin, for example, is fungible, meaning you can exchange one currency for another and get something similar. Whereas, trading an NFT is unique. You’d get something altogether different if you swapped it for a different token.

The Ethereum network is where the majority of the available NFTs are created and kept. Other blockchains, such as Tezos and Flow, support NFTs.

The ownership of NFTs can be easily tracked and validated, while the token’s owner can remain anonymous. Tokenization can be used to tokenize a variety of digital assets or goods, including artwork, video from a live broadcast, or gaming items.

When adding a digital item to the blockchain, the size of the file does not matter.

Depending on the type of NFT, the licensing rights and copyrights may or may not be included when purchasing the digital item. This is similar to when you purchase a limited-edition piece of art or a limited-edition book.

When it comes to NFTs, investors have a lot of options. NFTs can be created from a variety of digital assets, including movies, music, photos, texts, tweets, and more. Digital art pieces have accounted for the most high-profile transactions.

In the context of the virtual world, NFTs can also feature patches of land. Collectibles, games, event tickets, music, media, virtual things, memes, real-world assets, and domain names are all examples of NFTs.

On 1st November, NFTs by Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan also went live, which piqued the interest of Bollywood enthusiasts and NFT collectors. Beyondlife.club hosted this sale.

The collection contains a recording of his father’s poem Madhushala, as well as other noteworthy items from his classic roles, such as his outfits and vintage hand-painted posters signed by him.

Although, Sunny Leone is the first Bollywood actress to create her own NFT line. Sunny’s NFTs is a collection of carefully picked artworks that will be available on her website.

Speaking on the matter, the actress said that NFTs are the future. She added, “I’m proud to be able to bring the future to India and the rest of the globe, to make history, and to offer an NFT that my fans can own and even resale.”

NFT platforms have worked with multiple actors like Vishaal Malhotra, Raai Laxmi, and Tanuj Virwani.

You can buy the NFT of RPM Group India


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